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Planning Office - Architects – Property Management

Burda Plus

We manage every aspect of your property.
Whether Project Management, Monitoring, Technical Due Diligence (TDD), Valuation, Quality Control during the construction process and much more – we always have your property in our focus.

Value stability and profitability, these are our top goals.
Our team specialises in the project management of real estate processes, from planning permission to final handover, and in surveys and valuations. We rounded off our portfolio of services in 2008 by offering property management to private owners (communities of owners) and project developers.

Partnership with our longstanding clients is founded on solid pillars of trust, fairness and transparency.
Others may describe us as extremely experienced, because our expertise and philosophy are in line with the interests of our clients. Maybe it’s also because we are happy to share our knowledge and experience, for instance, by training our clients from the real estate sector. Or because our explanations of the complex processes in building technology and valuation are easy for the non-professional to understand – if not, we also take the time to explain them in detail. This is fun for us – and hopefully for you too.

Company history

  • 1994: Founded as a planning office
  • 2000: Structural surveys
  • 2001: Market valuations
  • 2003: Burda Plus GmbH, commencement of training activities
  • 2007: HypZert certification
  • 2008: Property management

Our radius

Burda Plus is located in Wiesbaden and Bremen. From here, we manage your projects throughout Germany – following our principle: "Our home is where your property is".

Our people

  • Matthias Burda

  • Ulrike Burda

  • Karola Wedler

Sphere of activity

Although our company is mainly active in the Wiesbaden / Mainz / Frankfurt Region, we also represent the interests of our clients in the catchment area of our branch office in Bremen and throughout Germany.

Some of the companies we work with

Burda Plus specialises in property and project development for the banking and insurance industry, as well as property funds. We also work with national and international investors and portfolio managers who invest inter alia in properties run by operating companies such as elderly care / nursing homes and rehabilitation clinics. Here are some examples:


We offer synergies between architects, building engineers, surveyors and business economists. This means that the technical and commercial concerns of your property are covered. Our expertise is proven by our many certifications, which ensure that our services meet the highest standards.

This is further enhanced by regular involvement in further education: we solidly invest in the lifelong learning of our team, which also ensures the success and quality of our work.
Consequently, we are pleased to be a Chamber of Industry and Commerce training company for real estate professionals.

  • Expert in the damage and repair of buildings
    (TÜV) Certificate No. 68000
  • HypZert certified real estate appraiser for financing purposes (assessment of market and mortgage lending values)
    CIS HYPZert (F)
    Certificate No.: 07/070651
  • Member of the Guidance Committee VDI 6026 p.1.1 FM requirement for documentation
  • Ulrike Burda REV
    Certificate No.

  • Federal Office for Economics and Export Control
    Energy Advisor
  • Prequalification database for Chambers of Industry and Commerce, and Chambers of Handicrafts for the supplies and services field
    Certificate No. 060064NVZUT
  • No. in profession register: 12102
    Matthias Burda Dipl.-Ing. Architecture
    No. in profession register: 17531
    Ulrike Burda Dipl.-Ing. Architecture
  • Certified expert for the assessment of preventative fire safety
    No. 712102-B-AKH
    Certified expert for the assessment of structural solutions pursuant to (NBVO) No. 12102
  • Certified structural
  • Karola Wedler
    Business Economist

Head Office

Burda Plus GmbH
Am Kirchgarten 3
65191 Wiesbaden
Tel.: 0611 / 9812421
Fax: 0611 / 9812422

Bremen Office

Burda Plus GmbH
Wölbacker 23
28307 Bremen
Tel.: 0421 / 4172250
Fax: 0421 / 4172251